January 28 2023
  • You Can’t Cancel Love Campaign

    You Can’t Cancel Love Campaign

    If cancel culture comes at you for reasons that are out of your control, should you cower or should you take it like a man? I’d say neither, take it like a woman! I met Kelly and Erinn (of Kellys Bake Shoppe) in 2012 when they started the bake shoppe downtown Burlington ON. My company […]

  • How Considerate Agency Began

    How Considerate Agency Began

    What’s in a name? No matter what company I chose to be called, I still kept getting calls. They called me directly, that’s good, right? As an entrepreneur and a thought leader, I’ve tried from the start to always lead with creativity, and lead with the mind. If you’re tying EBITA to something I would […]



    * Disclaimer, the advice below includes you doing a bunch of work. Sorry, nothing comes for free.  There’s a lot of sales people out there, there’s a lot of resources that help you sell well. These are all great things, but you’ll never get what you want from them all. No matter what I say, […]

  • The sky is falling, you’re standing on it.

    The sky is falling, you’re standing on it.

    If you haven’t already noticed, the MAGA movement and the over-printing of money here in Canada over the past three years has started to wreak havoc on our economy. Long ago we wouldn’t have noticed, we were too busy trying to make a living. But now it’s more apparent that what goes up, must come […]

  • Meta Loves Your Business!

    Meta Loves Your Business!

    Meta Loves Your Business, but not in the way you think! A few years ago you would have agreed that Facebook and Instagram loved your business like you loved your business! You were most likely thinking you were adding to the popularity of it, entering a give-and-take relationship. The free platform was graced with your […]