June 16 2024

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Over the years we’ve built many brands! We actually couldn’t count how many, there has been some we’ve forgotten we ever did. After years of experience producing brands for clients, we’ve realized it’s very personal.

Yes, we want to answers all the W’s and all the P’s in marketing, and we want this brand to be versatile and agile and grow into something iconic. But at the end of the day the client want’s to like it, because they are the ones needing to sell it.

So, we come up with brands that have a personal perspective, but are done professionally and properly. Otherwise it’s just design work.

One of our most recent and favourite brands was for the youtube channel TheLittleFarmette. A simple instagram channel Sheryl Stacey-Neilson created that kept getting major traction because of how “Personable” she was. As the brand grew the channel grew, youtube episodes were created followed by a website with some very cute merchandise!

This brand had to fall in line with how Sheryl was, and how people felt when they dove into the content! Did it represent her properly, did she trust it and so on.

Sometimes we work so hard for the brand to be what WE like, or what OTHERS like…when really it should be a great brand the CLIENT likes. And for the designers and brand strategists out there that get a lot of “This isn’t right” type of answers. Maybe you’re doing it wrong?

Work hard to know the per son you’re doing the work for, understand what they will love and combine that with what you know. You’ll win every time!

So check out the content, the channel, the work and the merch! We hope you love it as much as we do!







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