June 16 2024

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When Masterclass came out I was a huge fan! Watching big names tell us how great there processes were, how they got there and some trade secrets. Until I realized the best portion of their class was saying how individual every single person was, and how they failed most of the time before they hit the big time!

After a while I thought, “Well, this is pointless then! Why try to learn from the master, I’d rather learn from screw ups so I can get there faster!”

So I then created Failure Class.

It’s been slow going process, but the idea is to launch lessons over the years video the website failureclass.com to help entrepreneurs to maybe skip over a few dumb things I did in order to get to their goals faster. For example, pricing, contracts, how to email people, how to find work, how to do your taxes…or at least try without thinking you’re going to jail.

If any of those things are on your mind…then start watching.

This series/lesson book would have been instrumental in my career for sure. I asked a few people, but didn’t get the answers I wanted, and in some cases didn’t even think I needed to know. It’s not motivational, because that you can do on your own, it’s more about maneuvering through the small business owner sludge into a proper company/asset people want to invest in.

It’s about selling your mind, and creating the only asset no one can copy. It’s also heavy on risk taking.

Risk isn’t for everyone, it’s fine if you want to take it slow, learn all the stuff…observe. That’s what normal people do…smart, normal people. It’s similar to what people call Book Smarts, nothing wrong with it but it takes time and a bunch of learning. But if you’re getting into your own business (which isn’t normal), and you are running it alone (which means you’re crazy), I’d say you better get comfortable with Risk.

Our next series coming out is all about it, how to use it…how to control it…and how to make money off of it. It is a gamble, small investments and sometimes big wins…or just the opposite.

Every project I do has risk involved. Small or Large, mostly Large.

These are the moments in life that get me up in the morning. I love a good risk, trying to figure out how to lessen the blow, if it hurts anything else I’m doing, see if anyone else has done it…and then when I feel semi-comfortable…Make it happen!

I’ve seen it all crash down, but mostly I’ve seen it turn into something great! But even when it crashes, it teaches me something, so it’s always a win in my books. That’s why I started this series and will continue over the years!

The other crazy thing I’m going to do, is write a book in the next few years. Why? I dont know!

Over my career I’ve written down a few things. I’ve received some killer advice from like-minded women and men in my life. I’ve liked a few thing’s I’ve said too, I even have some crazypersonal memories written down that have helped me through conflict and hardships in business! Maybe you’ll read it…maybe you won’t. That’s not really why I’m writing it though, I think it’s another way to push myself to grow and learn more.

So take a look at the series, sign up for updates on it as the years pass, and keep pushing yourself forward…even if it’s risky and you may fail.

Failure is just another word for success.

Todd Neilson – Considerate Agency






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