May 20 2024

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How images can change the game.

We often get pegged as “creative guys” who “can do this stuff quick” and just take “pretty pictures”. Which is sorta true, but it’s much deeper than that.

It’s fun for sure, but what we do is a much deeper dive into creativity, looks and feels that makes people really notice the brands we work with. Imagery that sets our clients apart, impactful ads and campaigns that make people think.

Anyone can take a photo, especially these days. So we have to be very intentional, make people want the products just by seeing an image. We want people to feel compelled to buy into the brand based on ad looks and marketing.

Considerate Agency is dedicated to creating visually stunning campaigns that leave a lasting impression on audiences. One of our most successful partnerships has been with Alec Bradley, a leading cigar manufacturer, where we have taken a unique approach to their photography, marketing and advertising.

Our work with Alec Bradley was groundbreaking in its approach to imagery. We wanted to create ads that not only showcased the cigars themselves but also captured the essence of the brand and the experience of smoking their cigars. This was a radical departure from traditional cigar advertising that relied on predictable imagery, tons of sepia tone, and well lit product shots mostly photoshopped to perfection. 

Our campaigns for Alec Bradley were a huge success, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. We created gritty, controversial, compelling shots that drew you into the story, then the brand, then finally the product. Our unique approach to wording, imagery and design resonated with the cigar enthusiasts around the world. It made things harder for manufacturers, who could no longer post mediocre images online, but something that caught people’s eye, something with a story. 

We continue to work with clients to create visually stunning campaigns that set them apart from their competitors. We are particularly proud of our work with Alec Bradley (which recently sold for 72.5 million dollars) and will always remember the exciting time of being ahead of the curve. 

I know what you’re thinking, great images will help me sell my company for millions? Short answer, no. But, great images and branding last forever, they build up your brand and constantly add to the allure, sexiness and quality of what you’re selling.

Too often we spend our money on the product, making it perfect. And even though that’s not a bad thing, it only get’s us so far. Our job has always been to make companies look great, and look great forever. To hold a higher standard that other companies have to reach in order to compete, to have a specific look that makes people want to be part of the company and buy every product from them.

Let Considerate help you take lasting, story telling, impactful images. Images that can be used in advertising and digital platforms for the world to see.

Its simple, call us!






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