July 17 2024

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Hey Work Life…let’s change more than your haircut.

Considerate Agency is ushering in a new era, bidding farewell to the rigid structures of traditional agency life. The age-old concept of clocking in and out is a thing of the past, as Considerate Agency embraces a more flexible and dynamic approach to their work.


Firstly, “Considerate” signifies a commitment to depth and significance in every piece of work undertaken. The agency strives to infuse meaning into each project, ensuring that creativity isn’t just skin-deep but resonates with a profound impact. Every design, every campaign, and every collaboration is approached with the intention of creating something that transcends the ordinary. And yes, everyone says that on their website…but Considerate has a track record of actually doing it.

Secondly, the term “Consider It” reflects the agency’s meticulous approach to client partnerships. It’s not about merely chasing lucrative opportunities (a rut they know well); it’s a conscious choice to work with clients who align with the agency’s values. Considerate Agency carefully evaluates each client relationship, asking fundamental questions: Are we a good fit? Can we make a meaningful change? Even if it’s in a small way?

It took them years to gain the trust, but they’ve always had the same approach. Leave everything on the table, be honest, make sure you’re adding to the world…not taking away. 

In essence, Considerate Agency invites you to experience a journey where depth and conscientiousness are woven into the fabric of every project or idea they have. 


In a bold move away from the conventional notion of “employees,” Considerate is redefining the workforce. Whether you prefer the comfort of your home office or the collaborative buzz of an in-house setting, Considerate Agency is breaking down the barriers. The agency recognizes that creativity knows no bounds and that the traditional 9-to-5 model may stifle innovation.

Imagine a workspace where the lines between in-house and remote work blur, allowing individuals to choose the environment that fuels their creativity. Considerate Agency is not just changing the game; it’s rewriting the rules. The emphasis is on results, not the hours on your timesheet. Not the business card you own. Not the profile photo on said companies’ website. 

This revolutionary approach is set to challenge the status quo, providing a work environment where passion and inspiration drive productivity. Considerate believes that by giving individuals the freedom to work in the setting that suits them best, creativity will flourish, and groundbreaking ideas will emerge.

It wasn’t always like this! Considerate has had its rules over the years:

1. Bring your best work here.

2. If you do work on the side, at least let us know about it.

3. Be here at 8:45, start at 9. 

4. If you take a break, take it here with us.

5. We’re here as much as we are at home, make this your work family!

Not a bad way to look at it…back then. Things have changed in the last 4-5 years and if companies don’t recognize that, they will be the last place great creatives come to work.

Considerate Agency is revolutionizing the traditional concept of “employees” or “contractors” by embracing a new designation – “Luminaries.” These are not just individuals working on projects; they are creative visionaries, collaborators, and trusted partners in the agency’s journey toward excellence.

By adopting the term “Luminaries,” Considerate is recognizing the brilliance and unique talents each person brings to the table. These are not just “designers” or “specialists”; they are the guiding lights, the innovators who illuminate the path to success for both the agency and its clients.

What sets Considerate Agency apart is its commitment to foster relationships with these Luminaries from around the globe. It’s about working with individuals who have built a foundation of trust over the years, creating a global network of talent and trust Considerate can always tap into. 


Overall, see for yourself!

What are you after as a company who is looking for an agency? Usually it’s a successful track record for clients similar to you, or they have made someone else rich and famous (supposedly) and you want that same juju. 

Considerate’s approach is a testament to its dedication to client satisfaction and achieving exceptional results. Not from past successes, but new ideas for you and you only. Ask their clients that still trust them after years and years of creative. 

By treating individuals not just as workers, for changing the old ways from structured to relaxed…the agency is thinking broad, and thinking ahead.

They like it that way, they see major results that way, and they are keeping it that way! 






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